Frequently Asked Questions

I would really like to volunteer! How do I start volunteering?

We always accept volunteers! Be that new folks, or those who have volunteered previously and wish to come back.

The best way is for you to start with us is to come join Bakersfield Burrito Project on Sunday, get an orientation, and see how everything works.

If we don’t have enough people to help on that Sunday, we’ll put you right to work. However, if the kitchen and assembly line is already filled, we’ll schedule you for a Sunday that works best of both of us.

Can my family, corporation, church group, or social group participate?

Of course! We accept help from any individual of any religion, race, creed or sexual orientation, unconditionally. All you have to have is an interest in feeding other people in your community.

In the case of a corporation, church group, or social group, we encourage having your volunteer coordinator join us initially to discuss all of the particulars and to figure out how we might best utilize your group.

Are you affiliated with any churches, social groups, or committees?

No. Our charter specifically states we are not to endorse any church or political groups, nor can we endorse any politicians. We feel hunger and homelessness is an issue that goes beyond any religion, any political group, or any social committee.

But you work with the Methodists at their church.

While Wesley United Methodist Church graciously allows the Bakersfield Burrito Project to use their community kitchen, which is Health Department regulated, we are not affiliated with any church or religion.

I want to start collecting food for your organization. How do I start?

We will accept any kind of food that is prepackaged and sealed. Canned goods are great, but only if they have a pop-top lid that someone can remove without a can opener.

The only exception to the “pop-tops only” rule is if the canned goods are beans that can be into our burritos.

Snack sized bags of chips, cookies, peanuts, candies, and anything along those lines all work great.

We cannot accept home-cooked foods, foods wrapped in zip-top bags, or foods in packages that have been opened.

After you make the collection, give us a call, and we’ll arrange to pick them up, or you can drop them off at Wesley United Methodist Church during Bakersfield Burrito Project Sunday.

I want to start a collection myself. How do I start?

This is a tough situation. If you want to begin a sock drive, jacket collection, food collection, hygiene kit collection, or anything along those lines, please contact us so we can be aware of the collection.

We don’t want to be put in a situation where someone contacts us about an individual or group making a collection on our behalf, and us not knowing anything about it.

This has happened before, and creates bad blood for all involved.

As for collecting money for our organization, the problem becomes a matter of accounting for these kinds of donations.

If your corporation, organization, or group wants to make a donation, that’s welcome and appreciated, and we write a receipt to your group for that donation.

If a group of people want to make a donation, and each person wants an individual receipt, but only one person is managing the collection, it becomes troublesome.

We actively discourage this kind of fundraising. It is far better if each individual makes a separate donation in your organization’s name to receive a personal receipt.

Do you have a non-profit license?

Yes. We are a non-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) status.

For any donation that is made, we can provide a receipt to your company, corporation, or yourself.