About Us

The Bakersfield Burrito Project has been serving the community of Bakersfield, California since 2009. Every Sunday, without fail, our volunteers create fresh burritos from raw ingredients and package them.

Other groups come to the community kitchen at Wesley United Methodist Church, collect the fresh burritos and deliver them into various communities around Bakersfield.

Loading up insulated bags to keep the food piping hot, we take the remaining burritos, snack foods, bottled water, and any other foodstuff we collect, and distribute it to the unhoused and hungry, visiting camps of unhoused people, pockets of indigence, and pre-established sites to provide a hot meal for anyone in need.


Volunteering for the Bakersfield Burrito Project is easy! Join us at Wesley United Methodist Church, on the corner of Niles and Oswell, any Sunday at 11am.

You will receive an orientation concerning some Health Department regulations, how the kitchen operates, and the process in creating the burritos from scratch.

After orientation, you can sign up for another weekend to begin volunteering.

If you would like to volunteer for office work, please contact us, let us know your strengths, and we’ll be happy to put you right to work.

Please make a cash donation to the Bakersfield Burrito Project!

All of our rice, beans, and tortillas are typically donated during our food drives, so they are not the expenses that we usually have to worry about.

However, despite being a 501(c)(3), we still have the normal administrative and supply costs typical of any business involving the feeding of clientele. If you wish to donate to the cause, please click one of the buttons below:

Should you wish to provide something other than financial support, here’s a list of items that we use on an average Sunday:

  • burrito supplies: tortillas, rice, beans, and cheese
  • bottled water
  • prepackaged snack foods
  • bulk snacks: cookies, candies, crackers, nuts, seeds
  • sandwich sized zip-top storage bags
  • brown paper bags
  • rubber medical gloves or plastic food prep gloves
  • supplies for hygiene kits: toothpaste, deodorant, toothbrushes, floss, shampoo, soap, conditioner, shaving razors, shaving cream, feminine products

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our most commonly asked questions can be viewed on our dedicated FAQ page.